Victim of Construction Defects? Fight Back!

Construction defects are one of the primary threats to property investment value in Los Angeles. Protecting your investment requires a construction defect litigator. Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates has been protecting real property investments from the threat of construction defects for 33 years.

Construction defects are almost always hidden from view at the time of the real estate purchase transaction, and manifest themselves later, often years later. In one instance, Timothy Norton successfully reversed the sale transaction, when extensive landslide engineering would have been required to remedy the problem, and which was known and concealed from the buyer, and restored the entire purchase price, plus interest and costs to the buyer-client.

Timothy Norton has successfully represented a client who purchased a brand-new glass and steel custom designed home, who soon after the close of escrow discovered extensive leaks in the roof, roof-decks, walls, windows, doors, pool, and planters. A thorough investigation revealed defects in the electrical system, air-conditioning and in the workmanship and building materials. The result was a successful settlement and recovery of the entire cost of repair, and an additional recovery of damages against the prior attorney who failed to include claims against the Lender, which had been directly involved in the construction, construction financing, hiring and appointment of the general contractor and various subcontractors, as well as having been directly involved in the sale disclosures and sale transaction documents. The totality of the recovery was in fact in excess of the cost of repair, a truly exceptional result.

With 33+ years-experience and $190m in jury verdict awards, with $70m in punitive damages and millions more obtained in settlement, Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates is your construction defect litigator in Los Angeles. with 2 locations nearby to serve you: Manhattan Beach, 1500 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 500, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, and downtown Los Angeles, 355 S. Grand Ave., Ste 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Call today: 310.706.4134, Email:, or visit

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