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This depends on a number of factors such as the statute of limitations, the status and financial worth of the builder/contractor and the nature of the damages. An in-depth discussion with an experienced attorney about of the facts of your particular case will help resolve the question.

For construction defect cases, the outside limit for hidden defects is generally 10 years from the date of substantial completion, then 3 years from the date of discovery for negligence, or 4 years from the date of discovery for breach of contract. Other factors may apply and an in-depth in-person discussion is necessary to answer this very critical preliminary question.

If the builder/developer was involved in creating the defects, and if the facts fall within the statute of limitations and it is determined that the builder/developer has assets, including insurance, and the insurance of subcontractors, then you have a claim and one that you may consider pursuing. Certainly, the value of the claim and the builder’s ability to pay are paramount concerns, which we address immediately, with full attention to value, and fully, to apprise you of the ultimate claims and the financial viability of those claims.

This depends on a variety of factors including the nature and extent of the defects, or damage to real property, the value of the property and the cost to repair/remediate the defect. This is an area that we specialize in, using our experience, creativity and insight as well as experts to evaluate the defects, the property and the repair to give us information to determine the potential value of the claim. This is a critical step that we address intensively, in collaboration with experts and creatively, to maximize value and strength of the claim. Establishing and aggressively pursuing value is our forte and our mission.

The general time frame for construction defect cases filed in Los Angeles to receive a trial date is 2-3 years. Settlements and mediation can shorten the process, as can arbitration. Cases that have already been filed can be brought to resolution. The pace and productivity of your claim requires constant attention from your attorney, to build and establish the claim, bring in the necessary parties, determine the scope of the damages and steer the case to mediation and settlement. Much of this depends on the skill and discipline of the attorney to keep and enforce dates and deadlines, and resist delays. Norton & Associates places maximum effort on these principles. The sooner you start, the better.

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