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  • Engineer Malpractice.
  • Engineer and Engineering Negligence
  • Engineer Structural Design Defects, Errors and Deficiencies in Plans and
  • Engineer Negligent Supervision of Structural Design
  • Engineer Standards of Care
  • Engineer Liability

Engineers engaged in construction design in California have a duty to adhere to
a variety of standards, including those provided by their written agreements, as well as
a duty to comply with all applicable building codes, laws and regulations in the
preparation of engineering and structural plans, designs and calculations. Design
defects or a breach of any of these duties may give rise to claims for damage for
violation of these standards, building standards, breach of contract and common law
claims that may extent to subsequent purchasers, including claims for negligence, and
possibly, fraud and negligent misrepresentation.

The two-year statute of limitations found in CCP § 339 (1) applies to actions
against Engineers for professional negligence. It is important to consult with an attorney
as soon as you become aware of any potential design defect.

A case evaluation will determine the remedies and damages available in your


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