Coronavirus Update on Los Angeles Courts and Cases

The Coronavirus is having far reaching and profound impacts on our daily lives, our health and well-being, our businesses, and on the Los Angeles Superior Courts and the cases filed in the courts. Jury trials are suspended, many hearings have been postponed, court-staff have been reduced and the daily operations of the court system have been reduced as well. The court’s trial and motion calendars have all been postponed and shifted out several months, and a significant backlog and adjustment period is expected until the court system and society can adjust and catch up. This may take some time. 

Norton & Associates has adapted to the changing landscape with telephonic court appearances, video-conferencing for meetings, depositions and mediations instead of and in place of in-person meetings, court-hearings and conferences. Telephonic and video-conferencing is not only effective, efficient, less costly and safe, it is necessary. Settlement and mediation through remote and video conferencing become particularly vital to resolution. Using these resources and alternative means of communication, Norton & Associates continues to deliver the same high level of personal involvement and attention to each and every case, and each and every client. 

It’s important to bear in mind, that during the pandemic and its aftermath, the statutes of limitation in California that apply to all claims, including construction defect and real estate litigation claims are not waived, tolled or stopped because of the coronavirus. If you have a claim, of if you think you have a claim, or have sustained damage that you’re aware of, you must act promptly and file a lawsuit within the applicable statutes of limitation in order to preserve and protect your right to pursue these claims. 

While the statutes of limitation that apply to construction defect claims in California are somewhat complex, it’s important to be aware of certain time limits: Specifically, the 3-year statute of limitations for injury or damage to real property, which applies to most construction defect claims, as well as to most real estate and real property disputes, and the 3-year statute of limitations for fraud, which applies to any claim for fraud, non-disclosure, concealment of deceit. 

Although, there are certain limited exceptions that may toll or extend various statutes of limitations, these exceptions depend on the specific facts and circumstances of each case, that must be evaluated by an experienced attorney, the coronavirus is not one of those exceptions, and it is strongly advised that anyone with a potential claim or knowledge that they may have a claim, be sure to consult with an attorney promptly concerning the applicable statutes of limitations, and to file a lawsuit in time to protect your rights and your investment.  

Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates has 34 years of experience protecting rights and investments in real property, representing clients in construction defect and real estate litigation, with $190m in jury verdict awards, $70m in punitive damage awards and millions more in settlement. 

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