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Water intrusion or water leaks into any interior space of a building, whether residential or commercial, is a construction defect for which you may be able to recover from the builder, developer or seller. However, due to the statutes of limitation, you must act promptly and contact a construction defect attorney with experience in this very technical and specialized field.

The building’s exterior, including the windows, doors, decks, roof, and any related component is the building “envelope”, which is designed and intended to be waterproof. Unintended water coming into a building is water intrusion. Water intrusion can arise from any element of the building envelope, from the roof, decks, balconies stairs, patios, stucco and walls, down to the windows, doors and even the foundation, and retaining walls, or from any combination of these. Any home or commercial building that experiences water intrusion, or significant leaks, is defective.

Water intrusion may be the single most important sign of construction defects. Water intrusion is also very often a sign that poor workmanship and defective construction may exist in other areas of the structure. Builders and contractors who fail in the construction of the waterproofing, a most basic and fundamental task, often fail in other areas as well.

When these issues affect the building in a systemic way, such as in a series of windows, doors or throughout the walls and roof, or decks, and persist over time, these issues will significantly affect the value and marketability of the property, as well as its use and enjoyment.

Water intrusion may not be apparent for years, due to dry winters and lack of rain, and because low-level water intrusion simply isn’t visible. However, when water intrusion becomes apparent, it’s important to act promptly and contact a construction defect attorney and expert in the field.

Warning Signs of Water Intrusion

Water intrusion damage changes by building because of design and material differences. Your home or business may have water intrusion issues if you notice these problems:

  • Water intrusion into any interior space
  • Leaks from the roof, walls, windows, doors, balconies, decks or foundation
  • Discoloration or staining on the walls and/or ceiling
  • Bubbling and texture changes in paint
  • Linoleum or wallpaper that is peeling away from surfaces
  • A stale or musty smell
  • Buckling and cupping of wood floors

These are just a few signs that your home or commercial property has water intrusion issues. If the cause appears to be systemic and severe, you have a significant construction defect issue.

What to Do if You Suspect Water Intrusion on Your Property

It’s critical that you address the water intrusion issues and the cause as soon as possible, which starts with identifying the cause and preventing further damage. Do what you can to resolve the leak, seek help from a professional, and contact our construction defect attorney in L.A. to discuss your potential claim.

The statutes of limitation for construction defects are complex, but if your home is less than 10 years old, and you have experienced significant water intrusion or other defects, it is important to act now, and seek a consultation with an experienced construction defect attorney to learn more about your rights, your claims and the process of recovering damages and restoring the value to your property.

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