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Construction defect attorney shows blue prints for water intrusion

Water intrusion problems are usually very obvious: leaks and water intrusion into the interior of your home around windows and doors, decks and roofs, in foundation walls, and possibly at retaining walls: all of which are designed to prevent leaks and provide a waterproof envelope. Significant and systemic leaks are a construction defect, for which you may recover damages from the builder, developer or seller. Certain statutes of limitations apply, therefore it’s vital that you consult with an experienced construction defect attorney to evaluate your claim and protect your rights.

Our construction defect and real estate litigation attorney can help you through the claims process and hold those responsible for the issue accountable.

Water Intrusion Problems with the Foundation of Your Home

There are several ways water can find its way into your home’s foundation including:

  • Water Leaks in Interior Rooms: Visible water in interior areas, water stains on the ceiling or walls, bubbling paint or plaster, and other signs indicating water intrusion from rain or rain runoff.
  • Water Leaks through Foundational Walls: If the foundation wasn’t appropriately sealed, waterproofed or drained, water can penetrate the foundation walls.
  • Moisture through Slabs: This often presents in the form of damp areas, seepage, and cracking.
  • Water Accumulation Areas by Windows: This is a sign of inadequate window installation, and inadequate waterproofing of the windows, window openings, and related wall connections.

If you notice any of the water intrusion listed above, reach out to our LA attorney to make sure your rights are protected and avoid astronomical repair costs.

Water Intrusion Problems in the Framing System & Living Areas of Your Home

Water intrusion affects the framing and living spaces can do extensive damage to a home. More importantly, water intrusion affects the value and marketability of your property.

It’s critical to seek help from a professional and contact our construction defect attorney in L.A. to discuss your potential claim.

The statutes of limitation for construction defects are complex, but if your home or commercial property is less than 10 years old, and you have experienced significant water intrusion problems or other defects, it is important to act now, and seek a consultation with an experienced construction defect attorney to learn more about your rights, your claims and the process of recovering damages and restoring the value to your property. With 33 years of experience and $190m in jury verdict awards, Timothy Norton is your construction defect and real estate litigation attorney in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles area and Manhattan Beach, California.

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