Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Whether investing for business or investing and buying for personal use—property is a valued investment. With any investment, disputes and lawsuits arise which threaten your investment by threatening its value in the real estate market. Protecting your investment from these threats is what Norton & Associates’ does, with over 30 years’ experience in real estate litigation and real estate dispute resolution, Norton & Associates stands ready to handle any type of real estate dispute or lawsuit, including all phases of investigation, trial, arbitration, dispute resolution, mediation, and settlement.

Real Estate Litigation in California

California real estate law provides remedies and protections for real property owners and investors. Common areas where disputes arise include:

  •     Purchase and sale of real property
  •     Liens and claims against title.
  •     Construction defects
  •     Damages to real property and its value
  •     Partnership and investor disputes
  •     Lawsuits and disputes`
  •     Claims in arbitration
  •     And others.

If you’re in a dispute or lawsuit involving real property, you’re best served by an experienced real estate litigation lawyer. Norton & Associates.

California Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Regardless of the terms of any real property purchase agreement, circumstances often arise that threaten the value and salability of your real property. These circumstances may arise from a seller’s failure to disclose material facts, fraud, and misrepresentation, hidden and undisclosed construction defects, damages from nuisances, subsidence, fire or landslides, other events which diminish or reduce the value.

And, once you as the owner become aware of any defect or issue that materially affects the value or desirability of your real property from the perspective of a potential buyer, you must disclose all that you know about the issue, or risk a lawsuit in the future and possibly having the sale rescinded and revoked, thus reversing the sale and requiring  the refund of the sale proceeds. Protecting yourself from these risks requires that the individuals or builders who created the damage or loss be the one who is responsible for the damage caused, not you.

And, to achieve this, one should hire an experienced real estate litigator to represent your claim and your recovery from those who are responsible. This often requires an investigation into the cause, and extent of the problem, as well as an investigation to determine the insurance available to pay and the financial viability of the target of your investigation and a potential lawsuit. This requires an experienced attorney and one who will personally handle your case and its unique elements.

Experienced Southern Califonia Litigators

Timothy Norton is primarily a sole practitioner who personally handles each real estate litigation matter from beginning to end, investigating the claims, hiring experts, consultants and appraisers to evaluate and value the damages and claims to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive representation is attained, and to personally handle all client interactions and communications, to achieve the best understanding and the best representation of your unique real property issues.

Timothy Norton, of Norton & Associates, has over 30 years of experience handling real estate litigation and real property related claims in the greater Los Angeles area, from Malibu to Bel Air, Pacific Palisades to Palos Verdes Estates, where the high-value properties are, he has decades of experience, with over $190 million in jury verdict awards, Timothy Norton stands ready to handle your real estate and real property claim.

Whether commercial, industrial or residential, Norton and Associates has the experience and insight to handle all types of real property litigation. Call 310-706-4134 today for a free consultation and insight into how Timothy Norton can help you.