Construction Defect Litigation in Manhattan Beach, CA

Construction defects are a serious threat to real property investments. Construction defects rarely happen by accident. They are often the result of poor supervision, or an intentional and systematic effort to cut corners. Defects are often accompanied by cost overruns, overcharges and change order fraud. Cost overruns and delays are commonplace, but can also be the result of deliberate underbidding and intentional manipulation of the construction budget and change orders.

Timothy Norton has been involved in all phases of construction defect litigation for 30+ years. He has obtained $190m in construction defect jury verdicts, including over $70 million in punitive damages awards, and millions more in settlements. He knows construction defect litigation, from initial evaluation to investigation through to settlement and trial.

Whether your case is commercial, industrial or custom residential, Timothy Norton will personally evaluate your case, and with the assistance of specialized experts tailored to your case, will investigate and identify the defects and determine the cost of repair. Timothy Norton will also evaluate the financial aspects of the project, including budgets, contracts, bidding, accounting, change orders and insurance policies, and will pursue recovery from the builders, developers, subcontractors and their insurers.

Real Estate Litigation: Fraud and Non-Disclosure

Many Real Estate transactions are tainted by fraud, and non-disclosure of conditions known to the seller. These acts can have a very serious negative effect on the value of the property, and can be a serious threat to the investment.

California law protects buyers from such fraud and non-disclosure. When you have been defrauded, and your damages arising from a real estate transaction are significant, call Norton & Associates to discuss how to protect your investment. Timothy Norton has 30+ years of experience handling real estate fraud and non-disclosure claims against sellers, developers and broker-agents.

Business Litigation and Fraud

Too often, disputes and losses in business, commercial and real estate contracts arise from deliberate and intentional acts and fraud. Many firms shy away from pursuing fraud claims as being too difficult to prove. Norton & Associates investigates and pursues fraud claims vigorously to determine whether there were intentional acts of concealment, misrepresentation or other acts of deception. In fact, fraud is much more common that many realize. Once established, fraud can be a powerful weapon against your opponent.

Contract-Commercial Claims

Timothy Norton has been involved in handling all types of commercial and contract litigation for 30+ years. This includes real property sale or purchase claims, construction defect and construction related claims, and commercial contract claims.