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Norton & Associates’ practice areas include Construction Defect Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Business and Contract Disputes and Litigation, Fraud, Misrepresentation and Non-Disclosure and Attorney Malpractice claims in the foregoing areas.

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Construction Defect Litigation

Attorney Timothy Norton has 33 years of experience handling complex construction defect litigation with $190m in jury verdict awards and $70m in punitive damages.

Construction defect cases are highly complex. Norton & Associates has the experience, knowledge, skill and expertise to handle your case. Timothy Norton’s experience includes custom homes, condominiums, town homes, warehouses, lofts and high-rise construction.

Each case is unique. Mr. Norton assembles a handpicked team of experts tailored to the specific needs of your case, and guides the assessment of the building and its components, identifying the defects and determining the cost of repair as well as any other damages. The goal is to ensure that the contractor, builder or developer and other parties and their insurance companies are held accountable for the construction defects they have caused, compensating you, the owner, for the cost of repair and/or any diminution in value. If you’ve been involved in a construction accident such as the general negligence of contractors or property owners, or have had a fatal injury but live in other parts of the US such as Texas, then consider contacting a construction accident lawyer in Austin to help fight your case and hold them liable.

Real Estate Litigation

The real estate litigation cases Norton & Associates handles are typically arise out of failure to disclose and fraud, as well as construction defects and construction related claims. Sellers of real property in California have a very broad duty to disclose to the buyer all known facts related conditions and defects that may affect the value or desirability of any real property in the course of the sale transaction. Failure to make a full and fair disclosure may constitute fraud or a breach of the duty to disclose, and may threaten the value of the real estate investment. Often, the seller is a builder-developer who built the improvements and is responsible for the construction. And, for newer buildings and homes, construction defect claims may be viable. Timothy Norton has 33 years experience representing buyers and sellers of real estate, and in all phases of real estate litigation.  

Contract Disputes and Fraud

Contract disputes and fraud are common components in construction defect and real estate litigation. Contract disputes may arise during construction, after the structure is completed or after the sale. Likewise, you may become aware of fraud while work is ongoing, or it may be well after you have purchased and moved into your home. Often a dispute arises with a builder as costs continue to rise well above the initial bid, sometimes resulting in a home or structure costing more than twice as much as anticipated to complete. We help clients with disputes involving change orders and extra work claims, scope of work, delays, acceleration, disruption and warranty. When looking at cases of construction fraud, Norton & Associates analyzes the bidding, contracts, budgets, change orders, accounting to build forensic evidence of accounting matters, fraud and misprepresention. Timothy Norton has extensive experience in all phases of litigation involving contracts, contract disputes, business litigation, fraud and forensic accounting.  

Malpractice Actions

Timothy Norton’s 33 years of experience has frequently involved referrals from other attorneys, taking cases over from prior counsel and both correcting and assessing the performance of prior counsel in the areas of construction defect litigation, real estate litigation, business and contract disputes and attorney malpractice. If you have an ongoing matter in any of these areas and would like a confidential opinion and case evaluation, contact Norton & Associates today at (310) 706-4134 for a free consultation.  

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