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Business Litigation

Business litigation is a broad area of law. Norton & Associates is experienced in a wide variety of business litigation matters, including contract disputes, business fraud, partnerships, fiduciary duties, accounting and fraud.

Timothy Norton has 33 years of experience in business litigation, including $190m in jury verdict awards, and millions more in settlements. When you choose Norton & Associates, you will receive an unparalleled level of personal attention, and the dedicated focus of a sole practitioner. Timothy Norton maintains a carefully managed and highly selective caseload to ensure that your case receives the highest level of personal attention that is unmatched. Call us today at (310) 706-4134. We’re here to help.


Types of Business Litigation

Timothy Norton has extensive experience and a track record of success in representing clients in business litigation involving:

  • Construction fraud
  • Contract disputes
  • Financial and accounting disputes and fraud
  • Business torts
  • Malpractice actions


Intentional fraud and misrepresentation are not uncommon in business transactions, and are often the singular cause of problems and disputes, including failures in contract performance, breaches, defaults in any business transaction. While many firms shy away from fraud cases, Timothy Norton embraces the challenge of investigating and proving fraud claims whenever the circumstances and the evidence justifies an investigation.

The key to uncovering fraud is a thorough investigation, with an in-depth analysis of the documents and records, especially emails and financial or accounting records. Very often, proof of fraud and of fraudulent intent is contained these records, and in emails other written communications. Solid evidence of fraud can have a profound impact on your case and is a valuable weapon in settlement negotiations.

If you suspect fraud in a business or commercial transaction, and you believe the damages are significant, do not hesitate to call Timothy Norton for a consultation today. We’re interested in your case and we’re here to help.


Ongoing Case Review

If you already have a lawsuit filed on your behalf and you are currently involved in a pending business litigation matter, or in any construction defect or real estate litigation, you may want to have your case evaluated by Timothy Norton. Timothy Norton has taken on numerous cases, including matters taken on just weeks before trial, in circumstances where the client needed and desired a change of counsel. Timothy Norton will discuss your case and conduct an evaluation free of charge to enable you to make an informed decision on changing counsel. If you have concerns about your case, or simply want a second opinion, do not hesitate to call Timothy Norton today for a consultation. We’re here to help.


Getting Started

If you are considering a business litigation lawsuit, please call Norton & Associates today. Depending on the statutes of limitation, you may have a limited amount of time to take legal action. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Mr. No rton will evaluate your case, determine if there is sufficient evidence to move forward, and discuss a road map for your case.


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