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Norton & Associates: experienced, proven, effective Los Angeles real estate litigation attorney. Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates wields 33+ years experience combined with $190m in jury verdicts and $70m in punitive damage awarded.

Timothy Norton’s extensive real estate litigation experience includes construction defect and more broadly, real estate litigation with a focus on issues that arise in real property sales transactions that diminish, threaten and negatively affect the value of real estate assets and investments. This experience includes litigating seller non-disclosure, fraud, concealment and misrepresentation, and recovering damages and loss of value and marketability that are a direct result. This requires an in-depth understanding and application of protections available under the law and in the language of purchase agreement itself to recover the investment value that is lost or diminished as a result of non-disclosure and fraud. And, even though the property has not been acquired directly from a builder-developer, recovery from the builder-developer for construction defects may be an option if the development was fairly recent.

The evaluation of the legal landscape and the options available is an essential component of this approach, and ultimately in determining whether the loss of value and marketability is to be borne by those who caused the loss, or by the buyer and current owner-investor. This requires an understanding and evaluation of the transaction, the documents and written communications, the players, the insurance coverage, the assets of the targeted players, the market value of the asset at various points in time, the link between the value of the asset and the conduct, and ultimately the process of unifying all this together into a coherent narrative with a concrete well–defined plan of action and a case with impact, value and power.

Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates is your real estate litigation attorney in Los Angeles, with 2 locations nearby to serve you: Manhattan Beach, 1500 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 500, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, and downtown Los Angeles, 355 S. Grand Ave., Ste 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Call today: 310.706.4134.

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