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Norton & Associates is your construction defect lawyer in Los Angeles. With 33 years experience
in construction defect litigation in Los Angeles, and $190m in jury verdict awards, Timothy
Norton of Norton & Associates has the experience and the track record of proven success to
handle your construction defect claim. This experience includes all property types, with an
emphasis on custom homes, and also including residential homes, condominiums, townhomes,
commercial property, warehouse loft conversions and high-rise construction. Complex litigation
is Timothy Norton’s forte, including multi-party litigation, coordinated and combined actions,
complex insurance and liability issues and forensic accounting and fraud investigations.

As a sole practitioner, with vast experience, Timothy Norton is uniquely situated to commit to a
select group of cases and clients, who receive unparalleled personal attention and focus to their
specific case and their specific needs. Experts and consultants hand-picked by Timothy Norton
are chosen to evaluate and present your case, compliment and round out the team, designed
to evaluate and prove every element, every detail of your case, and provide the necessary
strength in negotiations and trial.

33 years experience extends to all phases of litigation, from initial case evaluation and
investigation, through the vital and critical process of negotiation, mediation and settlement,
and, if necessary, trial. One of the most overlooked components of a construction defect
attorney’s many tasks, is the process of settlement negotiations and mediation.

A great majority of construction defect cases settle before trial. In fact, it is said that over 90%
of all construction defect cases settle before trial. Therefore, preparation for and the utilization
of mediation and the process of settlement negotiations to obtain a valued settlement is
critical. This requires a complete understanding of the case and its strengths and weaknesses,
familiarity with the opponents and their counsel and insurance adjusters, as well as the
intricacies of the insurance coverage, and the use of known mediators and mediation
confidentiality to promote detailed damages analyses and various forms of negotiating tactics,
timing and leverage to steer the settlement to an acceptable conclusion. The threat of a trial
and the value of a negotiated settlement are the twin concepts that propel a case through time,
that can be used for your benefit. It is not just a question of being one of the 90% who obtains a
settlement, but being within the highest range of settlement possible.

One reason for the high percentage of settlements is the existence of insurance coverage which
pays the settlements. Insurance companies are naturally reluctant to pay a greater share than
they see as justified. So, often insurance settlement offers are very low. Hence, the need to
understand the damages and their true value, to leverage the carriers and their insureds and to
negotiate on multiple levels: party, attorney, adjuster, carrier, insured. And, that’s just one
party. In most construction defect cases, there are multiple parties, often 10-15, thus
multiplying the negotiation by that many parties.

With two offices to serve you, Timothy Norton of Norton & Associates has the experience and successful track record to be your construction defect attorney near me: Manhattan Beach and Downtown Los Angeles. Manhattan Beach, 1500 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 500, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, and downtown Los Angeles, 355 S. Grand Ave., Ste 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Call today: 310.706.4134.

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